I don’t know if this is the right place to do this, but I think that a great man has abandoned this world.

As this is a place to learn English, I’m going to leave you some links for you to know who this sir was and what he did in his life.

I strongly recommend you to see the following video from 2005 at Stanford University. He was invited to give a commencement speech and his words are now part of history. During his speech he talked about his life and his career and gives us some good advice on how to follow your dreams. He also believed that learning should never be disregarded, as you never know how you can get to use that knowledge.

Today I’ve read many articles about this creator, but this is the one I’ve enjoyed the best. In it, David Pogue (for The New York Times) compares Mr Jobs with Walt Disney or Leonardo da Vinci among others. I don’t know if it might seem exaggerated, but I really think that he was unique and that we can learn a lot from him.

Mashable, a blog about technology has also included several posts about this issue today. Undoubtly this is the most interesting one, where they collect the 13 most inspirational quotes from Steve Jobs. Read them, they are really worth it.

Finally, if you wish to know more things about Steve Jobs, don’t miss what the Wikipedia says about him.

RIP Steve Jobs.