We have started the coursebook, New English File Pre-intermediate, in Básico 2.  What do you remember about the first couple of weeks?

Why don’t you do these exercises from the Elementary coursebook to help you practise the comparatives (click here and here) and superlatives (click here and here)?  I love the Guiness Book of Records website www.guinnessworldrecords.com.   Why don’t you look at this page and see how many strange superlatives you can find.  My favourite is the widest mouth.

The world's widest mouth

If you would like to practise the structure ‘going to’ to talk about the future, then click here and here.

Is it difficult to remember all those words for food?  Then click here. Or are you finding it difficult to decide if a noun is uncountable?  Then click here and here.  If you want to ask ‘How much/many…?‘ then click here and here.

And finally, here’s a video of people introducing themselves and spelling their names.  Can you spell their names correctly.  Answers in class next week.