This week we have learnt how to describe people’s character and appearance.  I’ve uploaded the Powerpoint presentations from class so you can test yourself and remember the vocabulary.  First of all, here’s the Powerpoint for the character words:

And here’s the Powerpoint to practise words for the body:

Here is some more practice from the coursebook website New English File.  Click here for a wordsearch and crossword on body vocabulary.  Click here for a wordsearch and crossword on personality adjectives.

To practise describing paintings (prepositions, present continuous) look at the website of an English art gallery: .  Choose a painting you like and leave a comment describing it.

And finally, here is the link to the Tate Modern Art Museum.  Look at the questions on the photocopy from class (on the other side of the song ‘Ain’t Got No…’).  How many questions can you answer by surfing the website.  Answers next week on the classroom wall.  Don’t worry, Monday group.  You’re going to get the questions on 24th October!