One of the main problems most of you had when you wrote two paragraphs about the stereotype of your nationality was that you didn’t follow the instructions.  In the exam this can cost you points in the ‘consigna’ and ‘format’ sections – and these sections should be the easiest to gain points in.  Look again at page 156 in your coursebook and see how the two paragraphs are organised.  The first should be the stereotype and the second should say what is true or not about each of the points you mention in the first.  Do not introduce new points in the second paragraph!  Here is an example I have written.  Notice it is 108 words long.  The short task in the exams is 90- 110 words.  Phew, I just managed it!


Now for a bit of light relief.  In the 1970s there was a comedy called ‘Mind Your Language’ about a language evening class.  How true are the stereotypes?  What do you think about Juan, the Spaniard?  The comedy comes from the fact that they are exaggerated, but now this would seem politically incorrect.  Do you think it is offensive or just funny?  Write a comment.