From all of us at EOI Santa María de Guía, we wish you a happy Christmas and a happy new year!  Here are a few Christmas links so you can practise your English over the holiday period.

If you want to know more about Christmas carols, then the website is the website for you.  On the same website you can also do a Christmas quiz and there is another quiz on the BBC website.  But if you really like singing carols and other Christmas songs then visit the karaoke site

And here’s a Christmas joke:

–  What’s the difference between the ordinary alphabet and the Christmas alphabet?

–  The Christmas alphabet has Noel!

If you want to read more corny jokes then go to

To find out more about how Christmas is celebrated, Woodlands School in Kent, England has a fantastic website.  I think it is the best website about British culture on the Internet. Click here to visit it.

Now there will be no excuse to say you were bored over the holiday.  See you next year!