If you are panicking last minute and want some extra practice for the exams next week, then read this blog post is for you…

Grammar and Vocabulary Practice

Click here for the interactive exercises from unit 3 of the coursebook New English File  Pre-intermediate.

Extra Listening Practice

For those of you who don’t have a copy of unit 3 audio, here are the two listening tracks for the ‘What can you do?’ section on page 39 of the New English File Pre-intermediate.  Click here for 3.20 and here for 3.21.


Do you remember the Christmas homework?  Here’s a model answer.  Notice how I use the present continuous for future plans and ‘will’ for decisions and offers.  Also look at the format.  Compare your letter to this one.


Finally, if you enjoyed the board game we did in class, then you can practise speaking for 2 minutes on any of these topics:

Sports that I like/don’t like;  last weekend;  your plans for next weekend; a film that I really liked/didn’t like; my favourite food; my free time; yesterday; next summer; something I don’t like doing; my job or studies; a painting or photo I like; my favourite day of the week; am I an optimist or pessimist; why I’m learning English; the last time I was at an airport; a good friend; my last holiday; this evening; my family; music that I like/don’t like.

Can you match them with units in the coursebook?

See you next week and good luck!!!