We all like to describe where we live but of course, to do so, we need vocabulary.  Here’s the Powerpoint of the vocabulary for houses and furniture that we looked at in class.  How many of the words can you remember?

And if you want more practice, click here for an exercise from the coursebook New English File.

And now for hearing it used in the real world.  The TV programme ‘Changing Rooms’ ran until 2004.  It is a ‘makeover’ programme in which members of the public swap houses and redecorate a room in the other couple’s house with the help of professionals.  This is an extract from a ‘Best of…’ programme. The designer helps the first couple redecorate a bedroom, and plays a couple of practical jokes on other participants.  Watch part two and part three of the video and leave a comment to say what you think about the changes made to the bedroom.  Would you like to sleep in it?  Do you understand the joke played on the man who is sewing cushions?  Explanations next week in class.

Enjoy the programme.