Here’s a copy of the board game we played in class to revise the content of the book and practise our speaking.  Click here to download and print the game so you can play at home.

Remember that this is not all we have studied but at least it will help you remember certain structures, vocabulary and topics.

You might also like to practise some of the course content by doing the online exercises on the Oxford New English File website.  Here is an exercise on reporting verbs, and here is another exercise to practise the word order of reporting verbs.  If you want to practise the passive, click here.

Good luck in the exams!   Don’t forget – most of you are doing this for fun, so enjoy it and above all, don’t worry!  Just remember the message from Blue, Britain’s entry last year for Eurovision…

OK, so they couldn’t last year, but YOU CAN! (Maybe Britain will win this month..)