This is my last post this year, and also the most difficult one. I have no words to express my gratitude for these wonderful three years. We’ve had several new students with us along the way and they are now an important part of our learning family. Others are not with us any longer, but we have them all in our mind and in our hearts.

Teaching and learning are not easy tasks, but they become a comfortable journey when it’s done with laughter, fun and respect.

My only wish now is that you never stop learning English and that you keep on cultivating your love for this language.

You know where I am, I hope you don’t forget it and come pay me a visit someday. I also look forward to keeping on with our traditional dinners in our favourite place at least once or twice a year, they are great fun indeed.

I end this year with the feeling that I’m not losing a group of great students, but gaining a bunch of friends.

With love,

The Iron Sergeant xxx

PS. Enjoy the video 😉