In class we talked about the Tate Modern Art Museum, an old factory building on the Thames River which is now one of the most important modern art galleries in the world.  Go to the website and see if you can find the answers to the questions on the photocopy I gave you. The answers will be on the wall in your next lesson so you can check them.

I think the Tate Modern is a fantastic place to visit, even if you don’t like the art.  Many temporary exhibitions are interactive.  The Turbine Hall is the very big hall in the entrance and each year an artist is invited to exhibit his/her art in it.  One year, an artist installed a massive sun and people lay on the floor and relaxed in the light (people in England don’t get as much sun as in the Canaries!).

This year, Tino Seghal is the invited artist and his exhibition is performance art.  About 30 people run around the hall in a kind of disorganised choreography.  Suddenly they stop and start singing (in quite a scary way), and the lights go out one by one until you are alone with the voices in the dark.  It’s very impressive.  The rest of the time, they come and speak to you and tell you experiences of their lives – are they true?  I went in the summer, and the first man told me about his nervous breakdown, then a woman told me about her experiences of travelling alone round the world.  You don’t know how to react.  One thing is sure – if you want conversation practice in English, then go to this exhibition!!!  Watch this video of the singing in the Turbine Hall. Is it art?  What do you think?