Today we’ve been dealing with writing stories and we have seen different examples of horror stories; you can see the videos below. But if you really want to know how to write a good story, please read the following articles, which have been published in this blog in the past. In them you’ll find interesting links and even the presentation we’ve seen in class.

Narrative Tenses

How to Write a Story

Narratives and Stories

Remember that I’ve given you a writing task that you have to send to me as usual, sharing it on Google Docs or attached to an email in word format. Don’t forget to name it like this “Name Surname, Horror Story”. This is the task:

Write a Horror Story of 200 words. The main character of your story has to be an inanimate object; this object will tell the story in the first person. The best story will be published in the blog. Let’s see if you can scare me.