Today we celebrate Bonfire Night, a typical British tradition. Do you know who Guy Fawkes was and what he is famous for? Said quickly, Guy Fawkes tried blow up the Houses of Parliament in London back in the year 1605 and since then that day is celebrated by lighting up bonfires.

If you want to know more about him, you can see the film “V for Vendetta” or visit the links below. By the way, do you recognise the mask that appears on the film poster? Yes, it is the same mask used by the group Anonymous.

You can start this historical trip by reading this article or this one taken from The English Blog, where you can find more links, or this one, found on h2g2.

Then you can continue with this article by the History Channel.

Was this too difficult for you? Why don’t you try this article, is much easier if you are a básico student.

Now that you’ve learnt everything about the Gunpowder Plot, why don’t you check your knowledge and try this online game published by the BBC?

I finally recomend you to watch this video to know why British people celebrate the Bonfire night.

I hope you’ve found this article interesting, especially because Guy Fawkes is somehow relevant nowadays.