Last week I asked you to write a horror story (click on the link to see the assingment) told from the point of view of an inanimate object, offering you the possibility of seeing your story published in the blog. Well, the moment has come and I’ve chosen the best story, the spookiest one, the one that made me jump from my chair.

Raquel Bañolas has written a terrifying story using all the elements seen in class: a magnificent introduction with a thorough setting, a good explanation of events and an unpredicatable and open end (I’m eager to know what will happen next). Besides, her story is full of descriptions, adjectives and her vocabulary is very specific and assorted in all cases. This doesn’t mean at all that there were not other good stories, but that this was the one that caught my attention.

Read it yourself and let us know it scared you like me:

The moonlight illuminated the window creating eerie shadows on the wooden wall while my head was mesmerized by the deaf noise of the pouring rain. The momentary loss of synchronization of the sound made me wake up from my self-absorption.  As always, my mind went directly to that traumatic experience.
Before my soul was condemned to be a prisoner in this ridiculous plastic body I had committed some atrocious murders, but you know, it was just for fun I am not really a bad person, maybe a bit deranged but nothing more. All those people who attacked me calling for revenge for the lost of their beloved ones, oh come on, they were exaggerating. I only tortured my victims for a couple of hours. Well, apparently they didn’t think like me because they had dismembered me, torn my skin and thrown my deformed body into the sea.
However, what they didn’t know was that my soul had never died, but remained hovering in their despicable world until I found a place to rest and regain my strength, a pitiful, dirty and abandoned doll. There, in a dusty attic inside a plastic cell, I designed the cruelest revenge that can be imagined. A revenge that will take place when least expected.