Avanzado 2 students had the opportunity to read a text about different ways to get your own back when somebody breaks up with you. They are all real stories and can be found on our textbook, New English File Advanced. These are the stories:

Take care of yourself

French artist Sophie Calle received a saddening email from her partner breaking up with her. As a revenge, she decided to send the email to 100 professional women who analysed the message. With all the answers, she prepared an exhibition presented at the Venice Biennale.

Here’s an interview published in The Guardian where this story is explained.

The case of Jane Slavin and the famous composer

The famous actress Jane Slavin fell in love with a very very famous composer (read the article below to find out his name). Their relationship seemed to be perfect, after one day it seemed he had disappeared from the surface of earth.

That’s when her revenge started. She invented a new personality and started sending messages to him. After exchaning hundreds of emails they set up a date. When she showed up, he turned pale. She showed him the messages of his fake date and left.

You can read this story in this article published by the Daily Mail. Unbelievable.

The case of Lady Sarah Graham-Moon

This Lady decided to throw white paint on her ex-husband’s blue car as part of her revenge. She also spoiled his clothes, cigars and wine among other possessions. You can read about this case and others in this article published by The Independent.


Please write a break-up SMS. It mustn’t include more than 140 characters, spaces included. Leave it in our comments section. In class we will decide which comment was the best one. Please use your real name to sign the comment.

If you still haven’t found enough inspiration, just try to listen to Paul Simon singing 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover. Or you can visit this site, The Why We Broke Up Project, a site created by a writer, Daniel Handler, and it’s based on his novel Why We Broke Up. On his stie he invites his readers to write why they bumped their partners, it’s worth your time, promised.