As said in class today, in this space you have to talk about your favourite film ever. These are the questions you have to answer:

  • Where is the film set?
  • Who are the main characters and who are they played by?
  • What is it about?
  • What is the most memorable scene?
  • What makes it so powerful / moving / dramatic, etc.?

With the answers, you have to write a small text and post it in the comments section. Here you are mine:

One of my favourite films is “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof“, with Elizabeth Taylor and Paul Newman. The plot is based on a play by Tennessee Williams, an important American playwright. These actors play the role of a married couple who are undergoing a deep crisis because of his problems with alcohol.

The action takes place inside a bedroom of his parents’ house, where they are spending some days to celebrate his father’s birthday.

What makes the film so memorable is not one single scene, as it is very intense since the very beginning. All the action is supported by their conversation and all the other characters of the film play appear just for a couple of minutes.

The quality of the lines and the performance of these two geniuses is what makes the film unforgettable.

Just take a look at this scene and see what I’m talking about.