In class we have looked at the problems of fame for Abba.  If you listened to the interview, you will know that the tabloids said that they wanted to be paid in potatoes and not the local currency in Russia.  Don’t believe everything you read in the press.  If you want to see what the press are really like, then visit the website to see the main newspapers of the UK and you can see the day’s broadsheet front pages of the Independent, Guardian, Daily Telegraph and Times, and the tabloids The Sun, The Express, The Mail, and The Star.  Notice the difference in format and the way the tabloids are more scandalous and sensational.

All good journalists ask questions.  Here is a link to the New English File Intermediate Plus website to practise question formation, and click here to practise media vocabulary.

Of course, fame costs and as the film head of the New York Academy for Song and Dance says, ‘…and here is where you start paying.’  Do you remember the film and the TV series?  Here are the opening credits to the TV series from the 80s.  If you don’t want to pick up style tips from the 80s, then you can just sing along to the song.

And finally, don’t forget I asked you to do the listening exercise on page 11 of New Intermediate Plus for homework.  Click here to listen.