As we have been looking at Cambridge and as Bonfire Night is on 5th November, here are two videos for you to practise your listening.  Do the activities on the photocopy I gave you in class.  Next week we’ll check the answers in class.

Bonfire Night is also called Guy Fawkes Night as it commemorates the occasion when Catholic Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the Protestant English Parliament in 1605, and was executed when he was caught in the act.  Dummies representing Guy Fawkes are burnt on the bonfire and fireworks are let off.  Not many people think of the macabre and politically incorrect reason for the celebration but prefer just to have a good time and enjoy the colours and explosions. Of course, fireworks bring along their own dangers – and here is the National Health Service video promoting safety.

And on a happier note, here is a video promoting Cambridge from the excellent website

On both these videos you can listen with subtitles in English if you click the cc button at the bottom of the screen.  Don’t do it until you have listened and done the exercise otherwise you will be practising your reading skills and not your listening.  A word of warning – the subtitles don’t work very well on the Cambridge video as they misunderstand a lot of what is said!