Have you ever thought about visiting Krakow ?

Have you imagined yourself walking through the streets of one of the most known Polish cities?

I would like to introduce this cold and beautiful city. As you may know, it is a historical place located in Poland. But are you able to point on a map where it is? Try to do it using the next map. Once you have chosen your answer, click on the image and a new one with the solution will appear.

Try to point Krakow on the map

Once you already know where your next destination is, you need to know how to get there from Warsaw, the capital city of the country. It’s as easy as taking a train and travelling south of Poland for 3 hours. To check the timetable of the main train company, click on the following picture.

Main Train Station, Krakow

St. Mary’s Church

Ok… you are now in Krakow, it isn’t too cold and the city looks incredible, but… Did you remember to book a hostel in advance? Take your time to do it before leaving home. Check this web to book a beautiful and cheap hostel in the city. I recommend staying in Florianska street.

This street is in the middle of the walled city and drives you to St. Mary’s Church, where every day you can hear a  trumpeter playing the same melody at the same hour from one of the windows on the top.

You can play the following video and hear the melody. But, remember, it worths listening to it in front of St. Mary’s Church. You can miss it if you go there.

If you want to know more about Krakow, check the blog for the next post where I will tell you the best places to visit and the best restaurants where you can taste polish food.

See you soon guys !!!!
And thank you for reading me =P