Scotland, with its capital in Edinbrugh, is placed in the north of  Great Britain. Have you ever thought about visiting this wonderful country?

To begin with, there are some “must-see” places in Scotland: many palaces, the William Wallace´s monument (placed in Stirling, where the famous battle took place), “Highlands” (this is the name of the north region of Scotland) with beautiful views of the green high mountains and the blue of Lake Ness (Nessie is the monster´s name). There are also 790 islands in Scotland, Skye and Bute, which are the biggest, offer excellent conditions for cycling or walking around them.

Once in Scotland, you can’t leave the country without tasting its famous Haggis”, which is a mixed of sheep’s pluck, minced with onion, oatmeal, suet, spices, and salt,…often accompanied by Scotch whisky. Scotland celtic music is known all over the World, as well as the bigpipes they use;the tradicional dance is called: ceilidh.

Finally, what I don´t like about Scotland is the weather, due to the fact that,although you were in summer, the sky is usually cloudy and you never know if it will rain or not. Moreover, I won´t never understand why in the bathroom there were two separated taps, one with cold water and the other with hot water, so you have to choose between freeze or burnyour hands while cleaning them. Nevertheless, I strongly recommend you visiting Swarovsky bathrooms, they are amazing!

Do you have now a more approximate idea of Scotland? If you finally go, try to dance in a ceilidh, wearing a kilt, while the bigpipe sound,.. From my experience I am sure that you´ll enjoy it!

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