The Carnival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

This is one of the most popular Carnivals in Spain; it takes place between February and March. It lasts three weeks and there are many events, but the best one is the main parade, also called “Cabalgata”.

Almost two hundred thousand people attend the main parade every year along its six kilometer itinerary across the city and a hundred festooned cars go to the rhythm of the music.

This year the Carnival’s topic is the Fantasy World. Fairies, nymphs, unicorns, elves and others mythical creatures will go out and enjoy the experience.  Magic, color, glitter and fun will inundate the streets of the city during this celebration. First of March is near so look for an original costume and come to this awesome party.

Besides, another famous party called “Los Indianos” is celebrated on “Carnival’s Monday”. The “Indiano” represents the emigrant from La Palma who after becoming rich in America, came back to the island. People dressed up with the representative white clothes and typical hats, and they dance Cuban Music in the street while a talcum powder battle is going on around.

The festival finishes with the Sardine’s Funeral. A huge parade crosses the city before stopping at “Las Canteras Beach” where the Sardine is burned. After that, people say goodbye to the Carnival and in the middle of the water there is a spectacular fireworks show.

Don’t stay at home and enjoy our awesome Carnival!