Do you think you should know the place where you live? Do you like it?. I expect you join me to discover and to take for a walk along the area where I live, Guía, located in the north-west of Gran Canaria.

Guía has several cultural attractions which are worth visiting. Among this is the “Cenobio de Valerón”, it is an important and amazing archaeological site where you can see a lot of caves, in which the aboriginal population of Gran Canaria kept the food they grew.

Moreover, you should visit the town centre, it is a place full of History because it is where the town was found, around the church. If you go for a walk along the old streets, you can see the traditional architecture of the Canary Islands as my municipality preserves houses from the 16th century.


One of the most important products of the islands is made in my township; it is the cheese. You must taste the delicious “queso de flor”.Duome of the Cathedral of Las Palmas It is made with flowers and in the settlement centre you find a specialised shop. Another important product is the craftsmanship, in Guía there are important the woodwork and the traditional pottery, you encounter an exhibition in the “Néstor Álamo” Museum and there, you can ask for more information.

Finally, I have to mention the birth of a notable person in Guía in the 18 th Century, José Luján Pérez, who was an important religious sculptor and architect in the Canary Islands. 



I know well the site where I live and I’m sure if you would know where you live you would love it.