BrusselsIf you want to have a good time, you should visit Brussels. It is situated in the north of Europe, next to France and Germany. It is a wonderful city where you can learn a lot because this beautiful city is a mixture of cultures. You can even meet many Spanish people. It is visited by a lot of tourists from different places every year.The weather is usually cold and it is sometimes absolutely freezing, so it is important to take an umbrella and to wear a jacket.

Brussels has several amazing places, which are worth visiting. The Cathedral, The Grand-Place, The Parliament, The Town Hall and, of course, the famous Manneken Pis, which is extremely popular. It is a little statue situated near The Grand-Place which represents a naked little boy urinating into the fountain.

The Grand-Place.

The Manneken Pis.

On the outskirts of the city, you can visit The Atomium, an icon of Brussels and Belgium. It is the most popular tourist attraction of Europe`s Capital. It symbolizes an iron crystal, referring to the power of nuclear energy. If you go up to the upper sphere, you will have spectacular views of the city of Brussels and when the sky is clear, the view reaches Antwerp.

The cheapest way to move around is by underground buf if you want to visit other beautiful cities like Brugge or Gent, the best option is by train. It is more expensive than by bus, but it is faster and more comfortable.

Finally, you cannot leave Brussels without having some chocolates and eating mussels. You will not forget their spectacular taste.

The Atomium.