Are you tired of using the same Christmas decorations of every year? Try to do new ones by yourself!

‘Do it yourself’ is a way of building or repairing things on your own, without the help of any expert. It consists of using creativity and different materials, both new and recycled ones, to combine them in order to make new things of your taste. With this term we are referring to a wide variety of things, such as jewellery, clothes designs, home decorations, recipes, etcetera. You can use it to decorate your house for this time of the year.

There are a lot of ideas that are quite easy to do for anyone. As an example, you can see a way of making Christmas ornaments step by step:

If you are thinking about funny activities to do for spending time with kids, it really entertains them and it doesn’t cost a lot.

Moreover, in case you don’t have much money to buy presents, there are also ideas of handmade gifts that I’m sure everyone appreciates more than a bought one.

As you can see, doing things by your own is not only cheaper than buy them done, but it also let you customize them with last trends or personalize them with your taste.

Here you are some examples of things that I have done myself: I painted a jewellery box with Winnie the Pooh and now I use it as a make up box; I did bauble; and I also made some Christmas ornaments for my tree. It’s a good way to relax. 🙂