20131208_165447What did you think when you read the word kumihimo? Maybe you have thought about Asian culture, then you are in the right way.

The word kumihimo means braid cord a it also represents the traditional Japanese profession related to clothing and culture. Kumihimo is the name of a traditional Japanese technique that consists on braiding silk threads to create color cords. The most destacable use of this technique in its beginnings was about Japanese warriors, the samuráis. They used these cords to tie their armors and the armors of their horses in a functional and decorative way. Nowadays, this technique is used as a bow for jackets and as a belt for kimonos.

In our culture, this technique has arrived as a very enjoyable, easy and quickly handicrafts. You can create a lot of things like belts, bracelets, necklace, key chain… anything that you can imagine, you only need cords of any type (silk, cotton, raffia palm…) and the kumihimo disc. You can make, for example, a bracelet with many colors and flowers, and also many different forms (round, plane, spiral…), it has a lot of possibilities.

If before this blogspot you want to try the kumihimo, I’ve attached a photo with a simple creation made by myself so you can see the result; I’ve also added a page and a video where you can see the instructions to make a kumihimo bracelet. I encourage you to try it, it’s easy-peasy. I hope you’ve enjoyed it.


Kumihimo steps