Have you ever visited the Basque Country? No? I can’t believe it! I strongly recommend you a visit to the Basque Country. Do you want to start the visit from the village where I lived before coming to Gran Canaria? Let me introduce you my village, Eskoriatza.

Eskoriatza is a small village of around 4,000 inhabitants. It’s located in the North of Spain, in Gipuzkoa and concretely in the Deba Valley. All the village is surrounded by mountains so if you like the mountain, you will have a lot to do. For example, you can visit Aitzorrotz, it’s my favourite mountain. When I was a child, I used to visit it frequently, especially in winter. It was very funny to go to the mountain when it was full of snow. I spend a lot of time in the mountain playing with my friends.


(In the first photo you can admire the peak of Aitzorrotz and in the second one, the view of the village of Eskoriatza from the peak)

And, what about if you prefer the beach? Don’t worry! Eskoriatza is very near  the coast, in no more than 20 minutes you can be taking a wonderful bath in some of the beaches of Gipuzkoa’s coast and if you like to practice surfing, you have to visit Zarautz, with its wonderful beach and its wonderful waves. People of all around the word visit it to practice this sport.

Returning now to the village of Eskoriatza, I want to share with you my favourite corner, it’s the square of the village. I have spent there nearly half of my life. When I was a child, I used to play with my friends in the square and then, I started to study music in a building located next to the square. It was very near my house so I spent there a lot of time.

In the first photo, you can see the square as it was some years ago and in the second one, as it is nowadays.

If you want to continue the visit of Eskoriatza, you have to visit:

  • San Pedro’s Church
  • The University with its old building
  • Ibarrondi’s Museu

I also recommend you to visit the neighbourhoods of the village:

Finally, I want to share with you a video where you will find a lot of reasons for visiting the Basque Country.

Enjoy it!


Blanky Rubio