Madrid receives the conferences organized by Vicious Magazine, which try to be established as a meeting point for the principal agents and members of the scene of the electronic music. Already from it´s beginning in Chicago, house music has been evolving up to unexpected limits. This musical style has been always characterized by the underground culture, though nowadays new subgenres have arisen, like  EDM that, though it’s influenced by the pioneering house that arises in Chicago, it’s more mainstream.


EDM is thought for a wider audience and its aim is not other that to fill the dancing floors with a more commercial sound which is often criticized by other DJ’S and producers of electronic music, being based that the above mentioned subkind the only thing that searches is to try to produce electronic hits using catchy sounds, often similar to the ones used in the production of other tracks of the same style.

Nevertheless, “more underground house”, does not have anything  to envy  to EDM and several didactic and formative events are created around it.  They bring to the scene the value of the compositions which are less mainstream. Example of this type of events is ” Madrid Music Days “, an annual event that it is born to become a platform to stimulate the development of the sector of the electronic national music.


Different conferences focused in diverse aspects of the electronic scene have taken place in spaces as The Center of Design, Telefonica Foundation or Space Microsoft, to unite professionals of the sector like agencies, media, DJ’S and recognized producers of our country, businessmen, up to promoters of the principal multinationals as Coca.


The profession, its evolution, musical creativity, the development of the brand and other lines of analysis have had content in two days of incredible conferences. Is principal aim is to achieve that electronic music stops being simply associated with macrofestivals or erroneous concepts and that it´s deepened more in what really means the club culture and the sector.

Javier García Ramos