No, your teacher is not giving you homework for Christmas, we can call it “Pre-Christmas homework”.

Task 1

To start with, here you can see a wonderful video, it is John Lewis’s Christmas Add, a must see every year.

What you have to do is watching the video and write a short story about it that you are going to convert into a podcast. You can see instructions here.

To help you write your story, you might want to read this article from the BBC, where we can read 10 different interpretations of the add. The deadline is next Thursday, December 19th.

Task 2

No, this is not Christmas homework either, this is just a record I would like you to keep during your holidays. I would like to to use it to take note of all the things you do in English: watching a film, listening to a friend, talking to yourself, anything. If you couldn’t get a copy in class, you can download it here.