This blogpost has been written by Rosa Almazán.

The Cliffs of Moher are situated in the West of Ireland, near Galway. These Cliffs are 8 km. long and about 214 m. high. It´s name comes from the Irish “Aillte an Mhothair” traslated as ” The Cliffs of the ruins”. They are dated in the 1st century BC
Once there, you can find  a visitors center that opened only 6 years ago. The visitor can enjoy an audivisual theatre, exhibitions and a restaurant.

I have been many times visiting the Cliffs and not always had good weather. The thick fog and the rain are very common in this area at any time of the year. So, if you are thinking of going there, don´t forget your umbrella.
There are several paths along the Cliffs, that bring you to the different parts of the Cliffs. The most visited point is called the Hag´s Head. If you are lucky and it´s sunny, you will be able to see the Aran islands form there.
There is also a tower called the O´Brien´s Tower . It´s  a round tower in the middle of the Cliffs and was built by Sir Cornellius O´Brien in 1835 for the visitors.
This part of Ireland is very beautiful specially for films directors. Some movies were filmed there,  like “ The Princess Bride” in 1987 or Harry Potter in 2009.
If you like nature, the Cliffs are a perfect place to go. The Cliffs is a home of a great variety of seabirds, like seagulls, puffins. This area is a Special protection Area for Birds. It is very common to see the puffins especially in May. It´s definitely a lovely scenery that you cannot miss.

Surfers love going to the Cliffs where the waves can reach very high and the enormous Cliffs are not worth it to miss.
Here it´s a video where you can immerse into the magnificent Cliffs of Moher.

There are also a mystical part in this scenery, several legends are around the Cliffs of Moher. It´s thought that there was a mermaid living in the Atlantic Ocean near the Cliffs and one day a fisherman could see her and even though they talked.