Routine Magic Tricks

Every day and night a rite is seen in the streets. All kind of people carry, hidden in plastic bags, whatever they don´t want anymore. It´s a daily and aseptic social dance in order to get the used, the old and the rotten out of sight. But how do they vanish? Who is performing this magic show?

A Solid Waste Island Plant stars the magician role ( costarring garbage tracks as assistants) A staff of more than 350 employees and a very sophisticated and expensive technology are in charge of the heavy everyday digestion of 1.7 tonnes of solid waste, mainly mixed (only 3% arrives separated from the well-known colorful containers and recycling facilities). However, after this endless, dreary and smelly job, just 8% of the total garbage gets recycled. The rest is hidden underground or shipped abroad  to be processed there.

Although it is believed that sooner than later there won´t be any more space in the islands to keep on burying tonnes of leftovers , their annoying existence is managed in a much better way than decades before. Only the young people don´t remember pieces of bricks, old shoes, potato peels and whatever imaginable trash decorating the island landscape and an outstanding number of the older will never forget the exclusive and outrageous whiff coming from burning local landfills every other week.

So, could we think that an unaware oversight don´t let us realize of the other side of the coin, the one that doesn’t shine with the satisfaction of consumer goods but bothers with the darkness of their devastating fate?                                                 

Who cleans up after us? A great talk by Robin Nagle