This Christmas I’m going to London to see the actor Jude Law in Shakespeare’s ‘Henry V’.  I love Shakespeare’s plays and if there is a good production, I don’t want to miss it. In the summer I usually go to the Globe Theatre, Shakespeare’s theatre from the 17th century… well, it’s a reconstruction because as you will learn in this video, the original was destroyed.  Even if you don’t go to see a play (you can stand for only 5 pounds), you can go on a tour of the theatre.  It’s such a beautiful theatre that you will want to see a play (even if you don’t understand every word).  Read the summary of the play first and then let yourself be led by the magic of the actors.  Click here for the worksheet that I gave out in class this week (in case you didn’t come) and you can practise your listening skills while you watch the video.  I’ll put the answers on the wall in class after Christmas.