Congratulations!  You can now speak in English!  Can you choose one of the topics on the last page of public-speakingthe photocopies for unit 6 and talk about it for 2 minutes?  You need to write notes before you speak but don’t write everything on paper!  This is not speaking, but writing and reading! Don’t choose the category of “Personal information” because it is too simple.  Choose any of the other categories and think of examples to make it more interesting.

You can record your voice using this website Vocaroo, your mobile phone, or an MP3 player.  You need to send the recording to your teacher’s email address and then he can listen to you. Use these extensions so we can listen to them (mp3, m4a, wav, wma).  The extension 3ga is difficult to open so please don’t record in this format.

Here is an example.  I recorded it with Vocaroo, … and it’s almost 2 minutes long!  Here are the notes to help me.   If you practise, why not record it?  Sometimes the best version is the first one.  You can listen and then record it again if you don’t like it (click on ‘Retry’ if you use Vocaroo).   Deadline:  Thursday 27th March.