In class we listened to three anecdotes about early childhood memories.  Now it’s your turn to tell me about yours.  Follow the structure in the table – age; the occasion and background to the story; what happened; what happened in the end; and how you felt.  Choose one of the topics from the list in  “Can you remember?”  This is a great moment to show how much you have learned about narrative tenses.  You can also use “used to” (from Intermedio 1) and  adjectives -ing/-ed…childhood-memories1

You will need to write notes to help you but DON’T write the script!  This is reading and not speaking.  I want to hear you speak naturally.  It doesn’t matter if you make mistakes (well, not too many).  This is natural when we speak.  Here’s an example I’ve done to show you.

I’ve chosen the story of a really embarrassing incident I had when I was a child.  Click here to read my notes and click here to hear my story.  It lasts for 3 minutes.  Can you hear any language from the course? You can use Vocaroo to record it and you can send me the link to my email, or use an mp3 recording device or your phone and attach the file.  If you use your mobile, DON’T use the extension 3ga as I can’t open it.  Thanks. I look forward to hearing your tales. Length: 3 minutes.  Deadline:  Friday 17th October.