Welcome back to class. After our holidays break I’m sure you are eager to start learning again. Today’s new topic is “inversion”, and I know you already hate it, but here I am to make things easier for you. As this is a “tricky issue” I think we need further practice, and this is the aim of this post. I’m going to leave you some links for you to review and practise. Here we go.

  • Here you are an explanation of the expressions most frequently used with inversion: Karen’s Linguistic Issues.
  • Here you have some online activities with auto-correction from the City University of Hong Kong. You won’t see the answers if you check “check answers”, but if you click on “show answers”.
  • Finally we have some online actitives from English tenses.

Remember, if you want to show that you have a high level of English you have to use inversion if possible, of course.