1. Do you think that love can be forced?

2. Do you think you can decide who you feel in love with?

3. Or that someone can decide it for you?

More than 20 years ago, an American psychologist, Arthur Aron, designed a plan to make people fall in love quickly. His plan consisted in 36 questions organised in 3 sets that have to be answered by the two people involved. After answering the questions, they have to look at each other in the eye for 4 minutes, which I find very difficult to keep. It appears that some of the people fell in love that day, or just felt something for the other person, a couple even got married six months afterwards.

This experiment has become known by the general public because The New York Times has recently published an article about a lady named Mandy Len Catron who decided to try the experiment with someone she previously liked, and at the end of it, there were fireworks.

In this link you can read Mandy’s story, and in this other one you can read the 36 questions. But I would like to know your opinion. I would appreciate that you leave your answer to the questions at the beginning of this post in the comments section of this article.

To finish the post, I would like to leave here the links to some of the St Valentine’s cards we saw in class yesterday. Which one would you send to your other half?

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