The following article has been written by Aarón González, student of Avanzado 2.

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Captura de pantalla 2015-04-19 a las 19.24.35Who hasn’t  seen Rin Tin Tin or Sam, the loyal and devoted companion from Will Smith’s in I Am Legend? The German Shepherd Dog (also known as GSD) is a dog of legend. Everyone, no matter their age or origin, knows how a GSD looks like: the black and tan coat, a noble and intelligent gaze or the two sticky up ears. However, there are other characteristics that future owners should know.

The GSD is a herding dog; it descends from other herding dog breeds. It means that they have inherited some of their features; they are bright, intelligent and learn quickly. But, this also implies that it’s an active dog which needs daily exercise or an occupation which keep them busy. If not, as the excellent herding breed that they are, they might herd the members of the family or other pets.

Regarding  their character, they are going to take their duties as guardians quite seriously. Although they are family dogs, which love playing with the kids of the family, no German shepherd dog won’t hesitate to bark, growl or bite if any strange person approaches your home, your garden or even the youngest members of the family. For this reason, their owners should be ready to set limits and train them hard in obedience.

To sum up, a German shepherd dog require an owner who understands and is ready to cover its specific needs. The future owner of a GSD, or any other dog, should have enough time to train or exercise it daily, but, above all, to love and protect it.

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