The following article has been written by Verónica Alberto. 

Who would have thought in the nineteenth century that the birth of steam railway, used to transport the charcoal obtained from mining activity, would end up, hundreds of years later, being one of the most important means for the movement of millions of people all over the world.

Its appearance meant the origin the industrialization of western countries and  it represented modernity with its lights but also with its many more shadows. But leaving aside historical considerations, the evolution from those pioneer locomotives to modern trains, changed gradually the scale of the world, opening a window to dreams and adventures. Everything can happen when travelling by train, providing a delightful way of knowing new places. Nothing as the pleasure of contemplating the landscape while dozing with the train’s rhythmic sway.

Options are countless and are limited only by your pocket. Who hasn’t dreamt of crossing the Mongolia’s grassy steppe, from China to Russia? The Trans-Mongolian Railway route is one of the longest train trips in the world, 11,250 km, following the ancient Silk Road.

Created in 1883 to connect Paris-Istanbul, the Orient Express was synonymous of comfort and luxury. Its reputation has inspired some well-known novels and films, highlighting the popular one: Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie.


The journey between Cusco and Machu Picchu is also amazing. The train was named after Hiram Bingham who discovered the site in 1911. It was designed as an observatory to enjoy the lush nature through big windows and glass ceilings and also to enjoy different aspect of the Andean culture with many shows and entertainments.

These are some of the hundreds of options from which you can choose. Are you ready?