This post was written by Tino Godoy from Avanzado 2.

Nowadays the list of quality TV series is long. Their main characters are gods of the mythology in this century. During some weeks, months or even years they accompany viewers, showing themselves as villains and heroes.

TV emissions began in the Canary Islands in 1964, so this new technology filled  our homes with magic. It was a time in black and white, a time when TV series and their characters would become a part of our family. “Daktari” with the cross eyed lion,” “The Fugitive” with the Dr. Kimble or “ Bewitched” with lovely Samantha were an example of this.  


The origin of TV myths is sometimes baffling like “Cronicas de un Pueblo”, a TV series made in Spain. Every Sunday at  21 o’clock the majority of the Spanish people were sitting in front of the TV, watching  a rural world of Spanish roots which in those moments was unknown because  most of the TV series were from the USA. In fact, in Spain some excellent and unforgettable shows were shot in Spain. Who from my generation does not remember “El Conde de Montecristo” or ”Historias para no Dormir” and then later “Chanquete” and his “Verano Azul”.    

My favorite shows always contained adventure, mystery and fantasy, titles like “The Invaders”, “Lost in Space”, “The Outer Limits”, ”Mission: Impossible”, “Star Trek”, The Time Tunnel”, “The Twilight Zone” and “ Alfred Hitchcock Presents” made of my childhood a special place faraway of the existing reality.

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