This blogpost has been written by Sadi Suárez from Avanzado 2.

Since 2012, Galdar celebrates a Beer Party in its well-known Square of Santiago, this event runs at least twice a year and it is organised by Oktober Festival.

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One of them takes place in April and the second one in October.

Galdar Beer Party is gaining importance for this town from the north of the island.

 This festival offers a unique opportunity to taste different beers in a beautiful space and to enjoy of live music. with your family Tables and seats are placed around the square for people who want to enjoy this experience.

Canarian beers could be tasted this month. You could taste the following beers:

Pilsen : the most known in Gran Canaria

Märzen without filter: in Germany it is usually prepared in March, it is a kind of  Lager beer, and it can present different tones.

Wheat:  it is a style of beer, brewed with a large proportion of wheat malt.

Pale Ale: it is a beer made by warm fermentation using pale malt predominantly.

Summer Ale: is the softest beer, less alcohol and more water.

Toasted: is a beer with a particular flavour but it is delicious too.

 The organization also prepares fast-food to sell which facilitates that families stay longer in the party. Besides, all the pubs in the surrounding areas offer special offers to collaborate with the event.

This month party surprised me with an organic beer with a beautiful taste.

After all, it was a good option for the whole Saturday.