This article was written by Natalia Rodríguez from Avanzado 2.

Have you ever thought about riding a horse? Would you like to have at least one equine? I would have never imagined to have one horse or mare and now, I am not able to live without them. It is a perfect way to spend our free time disconnecting from our daily routines.   

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  Traditionally, horses were employed to transport goods and even or to plough the fields. Humans have also trained them as a military tools to fight in wars. However, the current use of these animals is chiefly equestrian sports and they are being used to sports competitions such as hippic events. Catching the attention of tourists is another purpose and they might travel in a carriage pulled by horses.

Horses are characterized by being curious, social and intelligent animals. It is said that they have a prodigious memory and it lets them remember the things that they learn.

According to life expectancy, horses may live between thirty and forty years and they are considered as adults after their fourth year. Captura de pantalla 2015-04-22 a las 14.03.21

Among the varied breeds, there are three kinds of horses which are more common: Spanish, Arabian and English horses.

Exceptionally, genetic has mixed them and, and as a result, it has obtained extravagant horses of combined colours named Palomine, Apaloose or Pio.

As a lover of horses, I  recommend you to practice horse-back riding. Breathing pure air and being in direct contact with nature is ideal. Moreover, the healthy effect they produce in children with autism or cerebral paralysis has been proved. Are you ready?

This video shows us why equine therapy is so beneficial with real experiences.Captura de pantalla 2015-04-22 a las 14.03.41