Have you heard about Holophonic sounds or Binaural audio?

The next recording is entitled “Virtual barber shop”. Put on your headphones, close your eyes and listen to it (remember, you MUST use headphones to enjoy it in the right way).

This recording was created by QSound Labs. They have other demos in their website.

How does it work? Basically, the sound is recorded by microphones situated as if they were the ears of a person, simulating their position and even the shadowing effect of our head. It means that sound is recorded as if we were listening to it. So, headphones are required to take advantage of recordings made with this technique.

Examples of binaural recorders

In this link, you can watch an advertisement of a BBC Radio programme recorded that way.

You can find other interesting recordings searching things like “holophonic sounds” or “binaural audio” on the Internet. For example, this one:

Did you like any of the recordings? Did they surprise you?

These will be good listening practice, trust me!