Written by Francisca Lema.


While friends are supposed to be chosen, co-workers aren’t. “Relation” is not synonymous of friendship. They can look as something natural or intimate, though as a social construction relationships are complex. Let’s see two relevant dimensions.

Are you the same (every)where? If you have ever dreamed that you are in the street in your pyjamas, you have already experienced that it is necessary a change depending on the context. That is to say, you have to change not only your clothes, but also the way you behave. And that supposes a relevant clue to know where you are in your relations.

Are you the same with everyone? In order to manage your connections it is very important to realise the different roles you can have. Although you have unique values, the way you act must change. In other words, as an actor in a play or a movie, you have a social paper to develop as a daughter, a job mate or a teacher. For example, if you are a team manager, you have a different position, a power position related to your collective responsibility.

In conclusion, paying to the context and the role you and the others have can help us to manage relations. In other words, if we do not expect to have friends at work, we can create friendly but responsible and professional interrelations. Actually, we can met people at work and even though, we can become friends.