Written by Patricia Olmo. 

What would you do if you woke up in a foreign country listening to an explosion? How would your react? You would never imagine a situation like that happening to you, but sometimes it befalls.

When a tragedy takes place, especially when it occurs in a developed country, the whole world trembles. In this way, imagine how it has to affect those people who are near the disaster. And furthermore, that people who are visiting that city and do not understand the language or do not know anybody around. That was what happened to my best friend some weeks ago, in the Brussels attack. She is living an Erasmus period in Italy, and she was taking the opportunity to travel around some European countries.


My friend was travelling with some Erasmus friends. They came from Amsterdam by bus, and the bus had been delayed, so they arrived in Brussels really late at night. Their flight was the next morning, but because of the delay, they decided to change it for the evening, so that they would be able to sleep well that night. However, they were astonished when a nearby explosion awaked them. And they started to hear a lot of sirens and shouts from the street. After a while, they were told that it had been a terrorist attack and they should not leave the hotel until the city was safe again.


Two days later, they were able to run away from the country, thanks to her friend’s family. After all, they had been very lucky and they were in Italy again, only with a bad experience to tell, a distressing story to share. They wish we do not to have to undergo a similar situation, because it is very difficult to see that amount of people suffering a while you cannot do anything.khlo-kardashian-ataque-bruselas