Written by Laura Dámaso

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Have you ever fallen in love with a village? I did.

Seven years ago my partner and me arrived in Agaete. We liked its beaches and the beautiful views to Tamadaba but, especially, the posibility to have a house as big as to contain all our books, canvases and paintings.

As in any love story, at first everything was perfect, but  the wind came and we began to distrust our decision.The wind in Agaete can be terrible. It blows  pots and roofs. I believe the wind is the reason why half of the people in Agaete are, how can I say it?, a little bit crazy. The rest, the people that come from another city or  another country… they were crazy before coming.

Sebastian is a perfect example. He was an old swedish man that used to waste his time in the library. The fisrt time I went there I saw Sandra, the nicest librarian I have ever known, trying to convince a stray dog to go out while Sebastian was talking loudly on his mobile phone almost shouting. Although he was a retired businessman he used to dress like a hippie.

Cecile  is a  peculiar woman.  She is a yoga teacher http://www.yogaymas.com/ She came in an old van from Holland with Lex http://www.gran-canaria-info.com/ and their son, Ilja, and they decided that Agaete was going to become their homeland.

My neighbour, Rastatún, is only a pawn, but he devised the most important festival in northern Gran Canaria, Bioagaete, http://www.bioagaeteculturalsolidario.org/  to raise funds for charitable causes. Obviously the real reason I am in love with Agaete is its passionate, creative and crazy people.