Written by Piergiorgio Pallara

“Why do we fall ill?”, ” What is the illness?”. These are two usual key questions. Thanks to the 5 biological laws discovered by Doctor Hamer and named “New Germanic Medicine”, now we are able not only to know the whys (etiology) and the wherefores (pathogenesis) of the illness, but we can also answer to a third question: “why has it happened exactly to me?”.

The beginning of any illness: the DHS

What causes the illnesses? No external agent, no debit immunological system, no genetic distortion, but something extremely precise defined “biological conflict”. According to this new paradigm any illness is the result of an acute, unexpected, dramatic and lonely lived shock (DHS).

DHS: the keystone of this new paradigm

When DHS happen, one or more programs selected by the deepest feelings lived and arranged by the nature to cope with the unexpected plight, start. Three levels are involved and act simultaneously: psyche, brain and organ.

The so-called “illnesses” show two different phases

As soon as DHS occurs the eutonia ceases. A sympathecotony totally asymptomatic phase (CA) begins. Heart rhythm and blood speed are high and noradrenaline is released. If this conflict reaches a solution (CL), it starts a vagotonic phase of re-establishment (PCL). It is characterized by weariness, pain, slackening of breath rhythm, coming back of appetite, fever. At the end of the whole process normothony returns and we are well again.


All this implies a totally change in our point of view. Getting out of a disease in time now it’s your own choice.

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