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In Chinese medicine, chi is the energy flow of the body. Acupunture can make a person´s energy flow in a more balanced way again. Acupuncture can benefit most people who suffer from any disease or pain. In China it is used as an anaesthetic.

Before starting a treatment, the acupuncturist rewiews the patient´s medical history. He also takes the patient´s pulse. By doing this, he can decide whether the patient´s body is being affected by either blockages or surges of energy. The body´s energy flow can be increased or reduced by inserting and twisting the needles. According to the acupuncturist, conventional medicine is becoming less personal.

Currently, doctors and above all house doctors do not have enough time to spend on each patient. As a consequence, it is often easier and quicker for them to prescribe pills than to give proper personal attention. Some people prefer acupuncture to conventional treatment because they believe they are in better control of their bodies. Finally, what acupuncture does is to encourage the body to heal itself, which is, after all, a natural tendency.

As far migraine is concerned, several aspects such as certain foods and wine, or if a person does not sleep well are the principal factors to produce pounding headache. Painkillers are an adequate way to treat migraine, but they do not always work. In alternative therapy, the use of acupuncture reduces mild attacks. To keep a patient free from attacks, it is usually sufficient to have six treatment sessions.


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