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Written by Piergiorgio Pallara

“Why do we fall ill?”, ” What is the illness?”. These are two usual key questions. Thanks to the 5 biological laws discovered by Doctor Hamer and named “New Germanic Medicine”, now we are able not only to know the whys (etiology) and the wherefores (pathogenesis) of the illness, but we can also answer to a third question: “why has it happened exactly to me?”.

The beginning of any illness: the DHS

What causes the illnesses? No external agent, no debit immunological system, no genetic distortion, but something extremely precise defined “biological conflict”. According to this new paradigm any illness is the result of an acute, unexpected, dramatic and lonely lived shock (DHS).

DHS: the keystone of this new paradigm

When DHS happen, one or more programs selected by the deepest feelings lived and arranged by the nature to cope with the unexpected plight, start. Three levels are involved and act simultaneously: psyche, brain and organ.

The so-called “illnesses” show two different phases

As soon as DHS occurs the eutonia ceases. A sympathecotony totally asymptomatic phase (CA) begins. Heart rhythm and blood speed are high and noradrenaline is released. If this conflict reaches a solution (CL), it starts a vagotonic phase of re-establishment (PCL). It is characterized by weariness, pain, slackening of breath rhythm, coming back of appetite, fever. At the end of the whole process normothony returns and we are well again.


All this implies a totally change in our point of view. Getting out of a disease in time now it’s your own choice.

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How much do we know about our star? What do we know of the light that reaches us? These questions are connected to each other and we going to talk about our star, the Sun.

But… (What do we know?)

We know that the Sun is only a star among millions of stars that inhabit our galaxy, the Milky Way. The Sun is at a distance of 27.000 light-years from the galaxy centre and has two movements: rotation and revolution.

Another important characteristic of the Sun it is its mass and radius. Through this data guess how big it is if we compare it with the Earth. Its radius is 6,96*103km and its mass is 2*103kg, about 333.400 the mass of the Earth.

The Sun has other phenomena such as coronal mass ejections, solar winds or sunspots, but in this post we going to talk about coronal mass ejections.

Coronal mass ejections are explosions where the Sun ejects solar material and particles with a lot of energy. These explosions are a bit dangerous when they arrive at the Earth because they can disrupt communications and cause damage to satellites. When solar particles reach the Earth we can see them at the phenomenon known as aurora.



 Although it appears that we know the Sun, we really do not know many of its secrets. In the following posts, we will talk about another phenomenon and little by little we will improve our knowledge about our star.

narcos_serie_de_tv-320030424-largeHave you ever known someone who has never watched a TV show? I bet you that you cannot say YES to that question. It doesn’t matter if it’s an American, British or Spanish TV series, all your friends or relatives have followed at least one episode of this kind of entertainment, so please, continue reading because you will find the most amazing show of all of times below.

I’m completely sure that you are tired of reading thousands of posts on the Internet, which recommend you a TV series day by day, but, in this case, I promise that it will be worth it. And it will be worth it because you can’t compare Narcos with any other TV show that you have ever watched watched.

As you can imagine, I would like to introduce the best Netflix TV original series (forgive me, House of Cards lovers) based in the true story of Medellin Cartel, run by the notorious king of cocaine, Pablo Emilio Escobar Gabiria. The plot centers around the rivalry between Escobar (played by Wagner Moura) and the DEA agent, Steve Murphy (perfomed by Boyd Hoolbrok) but this is just one piece of the puzzle.

Not only for the actors’ performances or because it has been marvellously filmed, the quality of this TV series will make you get hooked on it at first sight, even though you know the story before watching it. So I recommend you to open a big gap on your schedule because you will want to watch the 10 episodes from the first season in a row. “…Silver or lead, you decide.” (Pablo Escobar)

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Nowadays, learning English is really important for a wide range of reasons. Giving our children the opportunity to learn English will allow them to continue their studies in many countries. Do you know of any interesting places where you can improve your English?  Farm-Camp in Guadalajara gives you the opportunity to make it possible.

Farm-Camp is a week long program that includes activities, workshops and games based on a farm which encourages the use of English. Children from 6 to 14 learn English while they are riding a horse, dancing or doing exercise, but also during meals and free time.

The farm is very well situated. It is one hour distance from Madrid by bus. In fact, the last day of the language immersion week consists of an amazing tour of Madrid, visiting the most important places of the city.

The accommodation also makes the visit a very pleasant experience. Facilities have been recently refurnished to offer comfortable classrooms. However, the most beautiful areas are located out of the building, where everybody can enjoy doing different sports, having a nice time with animals or relaxing in green areas.

Nevertheless, it is important to take into account that the weather could be really cold because of its location. Warm clothes are obviously necessary during these days because it is possible that temperatures are not so high.

Don’t you think that these kinds of experiences would be beneficial for learning English? Several groups of students who have been there before think so.

You can click here for more information.

Written by Laura Dámaso

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Have you ever fallen in love with a village? I did.

Seven years ago my partner and me arrived in Agaete. We liked its beaches and the beautiful views to Tamadaba but, especially, the posibility to have a house as big as to contain all our books, canvases and paintings.

As in any love story, at first everything was perfect, but  the wind came and we began to distrust our decision.The wind in Agaete can be terrible. It blows  pots and roofs. I believe the wind is the reason why half of the people in Agaete are, how can I say it?, a little bit crazy. The rest, the people that come from another city or  another country… they were crazy before coming.

Sebastian is a perfect example. He was an old swedish man that used to waste his time in the library. The fisrt time I went there I saw Sandra, the nicest librarian I have ever known, trying to convince a stray dog to go out while Sebastian was talking loudly on his mobile phone almost shouting. Although he was a retired businessman he used to dress like a hippie.

Cecile  is a  peculiar woman.  She is a yoga teacher She came in an old van from Holland with Lex and their son, Ilja, and they decided that Agaete was going to become their homeland.

My neighbour, Rastatún, is only a pawn, but he devised the most important festival in northern Gran Canaria, Bioagaete,  to raise funds for charitable causes. Obviously the real reason I am in love with Agaete is its passionate, creative and crazy people.

Written by Patricia Olmo. 

What would you do if you woke up in a foreign country listening to an explosion? How would your react? You would never imagine a situation like that happening to you, but sometimes it befalls.

When a tragedy takes place, especially when it occurs in a developed country, the whole world trembles. In this way, imagine how it has to affect those people who are near the disaster. And furthermore, that people who are visiting that city and do not understand the language or do not know anybody around. That was what happened to my best friend some weeks ago, in the Brussels attack. She is living an Erasmus period in Italy, and she was taking the opportunity to travel around some European countries.


My friend was travelling with some Erasmus friends. They came from Amsterdam by bus, and the bus had been delayed, so they arrived in Brussels really late at night. Their flight was the next morning, but because of the delay, they decided to change it for the evening, so that they would be able to sleep well that night. However, they were astonished when a nearby explosion awaked them. And they started to hear a lot of sirens and shouts from the street. After a while, they were told that it had been a terrorist attack and they should not leave the hotel until the city was safe again.


Two days later, they were able to run away from the country, thanks to her friend’s family. After all, they had been very lucky and they were in Italy again, only with a bad experience to tell, a distressing story to share. They wish we do not to have to undergo a similar situation, because it is very difficult to see that amount of people suffering a while you cannot do anything.khlo-kardashian-ataque-bruselas

Written by Francisca Lema.


While friends are supposed to be chosen, co-workers aren’t. “Relation” is not synonymous of friendship. They can look as something natural or intimate, though as a social construction relationships are complex. Let’s see two relevant dimensions.

Are you the same (every)where? If you have ever dreamed that you are in the street in your pyjamas, you have already experienced that it is necessary a change depending on the context. That is to say, you have to change not only your clothes, but also the way you behave. And that supposes a relevant clue to know where you are in your relations.

Are you the same with everyone? In order to manage your connections it is very important to realise the different roles you can have. Although you have unique values, the way you act must change. In other words, as an actor in a play or a movie, you have a social paper to develop as a daughter, a job mate or a teacher. For example, if you are a team manager, you have a different position, a power position related to your collective responsibility.

In conclusion, paying to the context and the role you and the others have can help us to manage relations. In other words, if we do not expect to have friends at work, we can create friendly but responsible and professional interrelations. Actually, we can met people at work and even though, we can become friends.

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