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This article was written by Ana Elena Ponce, from avanzado 2. 

Last year I was shown one of the most breathtaking creations of nature: the metamorphosis of the Danaus plexippus, well-known as the “Monarch butterfly”.

It all starts with the colourful Asclepias curassavica. This flower is the only one chosen by Monarch butterflies to lay their white little eggs. It takes them a week to develop and hatch into a larva. Then, it starts to eat the flowers and leaves of the plant. As days goes by you can appreciate how the plant gets dry, a process that is parallel to the larva growth.

These larvae have a characteristic pattern of white, yellow and black transverse bands. Below a larva in the first and last stage is shown. It is believed that it takes them 25 days to reach their final size which is 2000 times their initial one. Amazing, isn’t it?



Only then will they hang and build their chrysalis. At the beginning, the chrysalis is light green but soon the lines of the wings pattern appear. Then, the chrysalis get darker and darker till the day they are seen brown, what means that in 24 hours’ time the butterfly will go out of it. As you can imagine, this is the most magical moment of the whole process. I still cannot believe how this is possible.


For me it was like becoming mom. The first hours of life they cannot fly and the feeling that this little beautiful animal needs you is perfect.


This article has been written by Gustavo Díaz from Avanzado 2. 

The way people listen to music has changed drastically throughout the years. Currently, we have access to any kind of music just in a few seconds. However, why are vinyl records increasing their sales?Captura de pantalla 2015-04-20 a las 12.04.50

     Both CDs in the nineties and MP3 in the new century made vinyl records disappear almost completely due to several factors. For instance, both of them are more convenient to bring with you wherever you want to play them. Moreover, the CD was much more difficult to damage and was perceived by the public to be better sounding.

     Nevertheless, in the last six years, vinyl sales have tripled. In the first part of 2014, Billboard counted 6.5 million units sold. Currently, vinyl represents 3.5 percent of overall music sales, while a decade ago it was only a 0.2 percent. As a result, Digital Downloads and CDs still constitute the majority, but sales for those formats are down.

     Finally, it is also worth mentioning the emotional difference between vinyl albums and digital downloads. It could be the answer to the vinyl revival. You can download as much music as you can from thousands of groups, but people usually listen to the same songs repeatedly. Listening to vinyl is a special experience. You cannot do it at work or in the car. Consequently, you will be practically forced to listen to all the songs, which will make you appreciate it more. As Charles Lamb said ‘Contented with little, yet wishing for more’.

      In my opinion, vinyl discs are an amazing way to enjoy music. They create an incredible atmosphere since you see the cover art. Definitely, this classic format has returned to stay.

The following article has been written by Aarón González, student of Avanzado 2.

Captura de pantalla 2015-04-19 a las 19.24.42

Captura de pantalla 2015-04-19 a las 19.24.35Who hasn’t  seen Rin Tin Tin or Sam, the loyal and devoted companion from Will Smith’s in I Am Legend? The German Shepherd Dog (also known as GSD) is a dog of legend. Everyone, no matter their age or origin, knows how a GSD looks like: the black and tan coat, a noble and intelligent gaze or the two sticky up ears. However, there are other characteristics that future owners should know.

The GSD is a herding dog; it descends from other herding dog breeds. It means that they have inherited some of their features; they are bright, intelligent and learn quickly. But, this also implies that it’s an active dog which needs daily exercise or an occupation which keep them busy. If not, as the excellent herding breed that they are, they might herd the members of the family or other pets.

Regarding  their character, they are going to take their duties as guardians quite seriously. Although they are family dogs, which love playing with the kids of the family, no German shepherd dog won’t hesitate to bark, growl or bite if any strange person approaches your home, your garden or even the youngest members of the family. For this reason, their owners should be ready to set limits and train them hard in obedience.

To sum up, a German shepherd dog require an owner who understands and is ready to cover its specific needs. The future owner of a GSD, or any other dog, should have enough time to train or exercise it daily, but, above all, to love and protect it.

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In class we have looked at that difficult structure, the 3rd conditional, to talk about hypothetical situations in the past.  You know, it’s that awful feeling when you wake up in the middle of the night and think, ‘Oh no, why did I do that?  If I hadn’t had that extra glass of champagne, I wouldn’t have tried to dance like Michael Jackson while balancing a bottle of beer on my head and singing the Birdy Song.’  Or maybe you have other regrets! Continue reading

Do you have noisy neighbours?  What are they doing now?  Are they arguing?  Are they moving furniture?  Are they listening to loud music?

Do you know Peppa Pig?  They spend the night with a very noisy family. Watch this episode and answer the questions here.  Don’t look at the answers!!!

Can you hear the present continuous in the episode.  What are they doing?

Don’t forget to do extra practice from the English File website.   Click here for  some interactive exercises to practise ‘can‘ and the present continuous.

In Intermediate 1 we have been studying the vocabulary of clothes as well as the materials and patterns related to this topic of clothing. Use the above slideshare to tell what some of our celebrities are wearing in the attached photos. You can also click this link to see and name some of those items. Finally, if you want to revise the order of adjectives in English, check this slideshare or practise with some of the activities you will find in this website.

In class we learnt about the TV programme “Dragons’ Den” in which contestants present a business idea and try to get the financial backing of the multimillionaire business people, the “Dragons”.  Here’s the full video of Levi Roots when he got the backing for his hot sauce. If you don’t want to watch all 15 minutes of it, here’s the song he sang.

Now watch this interview with him about his life now. Answer these questions and find out if the answers are true or false.  You can check your answers here.

Remember, you can practise the vocabulary for work on the English File website here. And finally, why don’t you do this quick questionnaire on the website to find out if you have the correct balance between work and play?


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