Escuela Oficial de Idiomas Santa María de Guía

Places to do a language exchange

  • My language exchange offers both voice and text exchange.
  • Conversation exchange offers the possibility of finding a conversation partner for live practice, pen-pals and voice and text chats.
  • Shared Talk is a Language Exchange Community that allows voice and text exchanges.
  • The Language Exchange is a place that also allows finding partners to share voice and text exchanges.
  • xLingo is a Language Exchange Community that help students to find conversation partners. Conversations take place using Skype.
  • Busuu is a community that, among other things, allows languages exchanges based on tasks.

Sites where you can write a blog

Keeping a regular blog of your thoughts, feelings or your progress in English is a good possibility. These are some of the most popular sites for blogs.

  • Blogger is a very easy site that enables the creation of private or public blogs. You can write a blog just for yourself, for your friends only, or for the whole internet community. It’s very easy to use and allows embedding almost every kind of documents and widgets.
  • is the platform I use to write this blog. It doesn’t offer so many possibilities for embedding, but it offers other features like blog statistics that make it very interesting. Besides, its design is very attractive.
  • Twitter is a site for microblogs. You are only permitted to write 140 characters a time. You can write both private and public messages and today it is used for personal and professional purposes.

Sites to write a diary

A  good option to practise language skills is using one of the sites to write a personal diary that can be private or public. Let’s see some of the options that the net offers.

  • is a place where you can create calendars, journals, take notes, etc. It’s free and can be used from your computer or your mobile phone. It also allows synchronization with Facebook, Google Calendar and Twitter among others.
  • Open Diary offers the possibility of creating a public personal diary.
  • Penzu is a community focused on private journals. As a characteristic, it offers the possibility of adding pictures.

Sites that allow collaborative correction

  • Correct my text facilitates the correction of texts by native speakers. You only have to enter your text and wait for the correction. The system lets that every text is corrected three times. Besides, you can also obtain a spoken version of your written text. At the same time you can offer a correction ot learners of your mother tongue.
  • Another site that allows text correction is Busuu. This site, apart from other features, offers the possibility of writing a task-based text that will be corrected by native speakers. You normally get your corrections very fast and correctors can even write a comment assessing your work. Remember that on March 2nd we publised a monographic article on Busuu.
  • Google Docs is a wonderful tool that allows collaborative writing and peer correction between learners. For example, my students could share their writing projects with their classmates to obtain some feedback before handing in.

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