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Click here to access the BBC website for English language learners. It’s a great website for intermediate learners. There are different sections you can use depending on what you want to practise. For example, there is a grammar section which focuses on language at this level, such as phrasal verbs. You can do interactive exercises and see how the language is used in context.9Pdrd-66

Click on the option “Features” and you will see a menu of all the different pages. You can practise your listening skills in “Drama” by listening to episodes which you can download so you can listen to them wherever you are. Another good section is “Words in the News”  which is a short news report you can read and listen to.  “Lingo hack” and “News Report” are similar too but the news story is probably a bit more difficult. They help you understand authentic BBC TV news stories.  Excellent to help you with listening skills.

And if you want to learn a more conversational English, look at the section “The English We Speak” – a 3 minute download to read or listen to and learn about current words people use. But perhaps my favourite section is “6 Minute English“, which is a conversation you can download. Two people discuss topics as varied as clothes, evolution and space, and you learn new language that will help you understand and increase your vocabulary. There is also a section on pronunciation to help you master those difficult sounds.

So what are you waiting for? Put on your favourites list and check it every week. You will notice a difference!


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Hello, everybody!!!

I hope you’re doing great these days. But as I know you are missing our English lessons, I would like to ease the stress you must be feeling right now with a listening activity. You only need to follow the instructions.

1. Download the following document, it contains the questions to the listening comprehension acitivity:

2. Click here to listen to part one twice and answer the questions

3. Click here to listen to part two twice and answer the questions

Once you’ve done the activities, leave a comment and I’ll send you the answers via email.

If you really liked this listening test, you can find more information on this article published by the BBC. There you can find the original tanscript and how it could have been read.

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