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Dear students, this week you’ll have to face a new challenge. But don’t panic, I’ll be there to help you. Please read all the following presentations and tutorial and your path will be easier to follow.

First we are going to start with a slideshow presentation that helps you to write any kind of text.

Then, you are going to read some tips which are extremely useful when writing a blogpost.

Finally, here you are a tutorial to write in wordpress. You’ll see it’s very very easy. And if you face any problem, just let me know.

Your task

  • Select a topic you can talk about. Some ideas might be: your job, studies, hobbies, a place you have visited or you would like to visit, etc.
  • Write a blog post of about 250 words (don’t copy from Wikipedia or similar) using your own words.
  • Add at least one related image, link and video. Slideshow presentations or audio using soundcloud are optional.
  • Send me an email when you have sent it for revision. I will revise it and publish (you can not do it on your own).
  • If you have problems with media resources (video, images, etc.), leave them as a link and I will solve it for you.
  • When you see your mates’ works, please comment all of them, say your opinion, if you like them or not. There will be time for this (until Christmas holidays).
  • The deadline is the 12th of December.

Hi, everybody!!!!

This is the first post for Avanzado 2 this year, but I’m sure it can be useful for anybody.

Today we’ve been reading about how successful people face their days. The blog Marc and Angel Hack Life introduces tips to improve your life in a regular basis. Today we have read in class the post titled 11 Ways Successful People Start their Mornings.

Though we’ve been discussing it in class, I would like to know what piece of advice you found most useful.

By the way, why don’t you try to use these tips for your learning experience? What other tips can you share with your mates?

Please share your ideas in the comments section.

Given these days’ news, I’d bet nobody would believe me if I said that I had already thought about this article some weeks ago due to one of the lessons in the book for Advance Level 2. But those news are just one more proof of the title. Continue reading

Hello everybody.

I’m writing this post just to tell you that we are presenting our blog to the contest V Premio Espiral Edublogs. We would appreciate that you leave your opinion about this blog on this link. Thank you to all those who visit us regularly and welcome to all new visitors.

Hello everybody!

One more blogger? But what’s that? Aren’t all the teachers already there? Ummmm…

Well, I’m Carlos Moisés, one of the students in the Advanced Level at our school.

I was invited as a blogger by Eva, one of our teachers, and here I am.

We have to adapt ourselves to new technologies, ha ha ha!

Nothing can stop automationClick on it to see it larger

I hope you’ll find my posts interesting. See you in the comments section!

Thanks a lot Eva!

Our Learning Space

Our Learning Space

Today I have discovered a new blog for Advanced 1 students. Notwithstanding, I think it’s useful for Intermediate 2 and Advanced 2. Its name is Our Learning Space. This is just one of the blogs published by the EOI Arucas and it is written by the teacher Diane Boggs.

The blog comprises different sections about grammar, vocabulary, culture, etc. Besides, it contains links to other blogs, resources, dictionaries, etc.

All in all, Our Learning Space is an interesting tool that will help you a lot this year. Why don’t you visit it and leave a comment saying what you think about it?

Slideshare is a site created for sharing slideshow presentations.

It allows uploading, downloading, embedding, emailing and viewing thousands of slideshow presentations. To start using it, you only have to sing up and create an account. Since that moment you can start uploading your presentations to have them ready for embedding or sharing.

A very important characteristica of Slideshare is that it allows the tagging of presentations, so that they can be easily found. You can search by username or tags.

As an example, all the presentations published in this blog have been previously uploaded in Slideshare. I do not only use it as a way to embed, but as a safe place to have all my presentations available from everywhere and by everyone.

See you!

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